Foot Valve Asahi

Foot Valve Asahi

All ball check valves and foot valves shall be of solid thermoplastic construction, and shall be designed with an elastomeric uniseat/seal for tight shut-off under pressure. Sizes 1/2" through 2" shall be of True Union design, while 3" & 4" shall be Single Union design. The same seal shall function as both the ball seat and the union seal. PVC shall conform to ASTM D1784 Cell Classification 12454-A, CPVC shall conform to ASTM D1784 Cell Classification 23567-A, PP shall conform to ASTM D4101 Cell Classification PP0210B67272 and PVDF shall conform to ASTM D3222 Cell Classification Type II. Ball Check valves and foot valves sizes 1/2"– 2" shall be rated 150 psi at 70 degrees F, 3" and 4" rated 100 psi at 70 degrees F


Standard Features (Sizes 1/2" - 2")

• Uniseat/seal of EPDM or FKM

• Ball is the only moving part. It unseats to permit flow in one direction but seals against seat to

prevent backflow.

• May be used vertically or horizontally

• Minimum shut-off of 5 psi

• All sizes rated for full vacuum service

• Solid thermoplastic ball

• PTFE coated FKM uniseat/seal

• Spring-loaded ball to assist ball in seating faster


Sizes 1/2" - 4" PVC/EPDM/FKM Models NSF-61 Certified


Thông số kỹ thuật


Sizes: True Union : 1 /2" – 2"

Single Union: 3" – 4"

Models: Socket, Threaded, Flanged (ANSI),

Butt End

Bodies: PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF