Van ống thủy Asahi

Van ống thủy Asahi

Asahi AV Sight Glass Gauge Valve is the most convenient way to visually monitor the liquid level in tanks. Its thermoplastic construction produces excellent corrosion resistance, and its compact design permits it to be safely located close to the tank.








Features and Benefits

All-in-one sight glass isolation valve

Eliminates the need for fittings and multiple valves

No cementing required; sight glass connects and seals, using double O-rings in packing gland

One valve closes connection to tank and opens connection to drain plug to permit fluid sampling

Compact valve enables sight glass to be located close to tank

Easy maintenance of sight glass


Typical Applications

Chemical Processing

Water & Wastewater



Food Processing




Thông số kỹ thuật



Sizes: 20mm(3/4inch)- 25mm(1inch)

Gauge pipe outer sizes: 18mm, 26mm

Working Temp.: PVC:0℃ - 50℃(30°F - 120°F), PP :-20℃ - 80℃(-5°F - 175°F)

Bodies: UPVC and PP

Connection: JIS, DIN, ANSI

Diaphragms: EPDM, PTFE and others

Seals: EPDM, PTFE and others