Ống & Phụ kiện PVC SCH40 (SPEARS)

Ống & Phụ kiện PVC SCH40 (SPEARS)

SPEARS®Schedule40PVCfittingdesignscombineyearsof provenexperiencewithcomputergeneratedstressanalysis toyieldtheoptimum physicalstructureandperformance foreachfitting.Materialreinforcementisuniformlyplaced instressconcentration areasforsubstantiallyimproved pressure handling capability. Resultingproductsare subjected tonumerousverification teststoassurethevery bestPVCfittingsavailable.


Spears®  comprehensive line of PVC fittings offers a variety of injection molded configurations in Schedule 40 sizes 1/4" through 12" conforming to ASTM D 2466.

Exceptional Chemical & Corrosion Resistance

Unlike metal, PVC fittings never rust, scale, or pit, and will provide many years of maintenance-free service and extended system life.

High Temperature Ratings

PVC thermoplastic can handle fluids at service temperatures up to 140°F (60°C), allowing a wide range of process applications, including corrosive fluids.

Lower Installation Costs

Substantially lower material costs than steel alloys or lined steel, combined with lighter weight and ease of installation, can reduce installation costs by as much as 60% over conventional metal systems.

Higher Flow Capacity

Smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than conventional metal fittings.

Additional  Fabricated Configurations through 36"

Extra large, hard-to-find, and custom configurations are fabricated from NSF Certified pipe. Fittings are engineered and tested to provide full pressure handling capabilities according to Spears® specifications.

PVC Valves

SPEARS®     PVC   Valve   products   are   available   for   total system compatibility and uniformity; see SPEARS® THERMOPLASTIC VALVES PRODUCT GUIDE & ENGINEERING SPECIFICATIONS.


Advanced Design Specialty Fittings

Spears®  wide range of innovative, improved products include numerous metal-to-plastic transition fittings and unions with Spears® patented special reinforced (SR) plastic threads.

Sample Engineering Specifications

All PVC Schedule 40 fittings shall be produced by Spears® Manufacturing Company from PVC Type I cell classification 12454, conforming to ASTM D 1784. All injection molded PVC Schedule 40 fittings shall be Certified for potable water service by NSF International and manufactured in strict compliance to ASTM D 2466.  All fabricated fittings shall be produced in accordance with Spears® General Specifications for Fabricated Fittings.

PVC Thermoplastic Pipe Temperature Pressure De-Rating

To determine the maximum internal pressure rating at an elevated temperature, simply multiply the pipe pressure rating at 73°F by the percentage specified for the desired temperature.


Temperature °F (°C)

73 (23)

80 (27)

90 (32)

100 (38)

110 (43)

120 (49)

130 (54)

140 (60)











NOTE:Valves, Unions and Specialty Products have different elevated temperature ratings than pipe.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Spears PVC Schedule 40 Properties

PVC Chemical Resistance


PVC is generally inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts and paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions. For more information on PVC chemical resistance refer to the Chemical Resistance of Rigid Vinyls Based on Immersion Test, published by the GEON® Company.