Hệ thống ống 2 lớp PVC & CPVC (SPEARS)

Hệ thống ống 2 lớp PVC & CPVC (SPEARS)

Spears® Double Containment (DC) Fittings are constructed from standard fittings that are to be assembled on the jobsite. Spears® DC fittings work with standard pipe for both Carrier and Containment lines. Standard DC fitting configurations include Tees, Access Tees, Elbows, Couplings, Dog-Bone Couplers, Termination & Closure Fittings, and Pipe Centralizers. Plus supplemental equipment such as Clamp-on Saddles for Sensors, Expansion Joints, and In-line Valve Boxes assembled with Spears® quality Industrial Ball Valve, Ball Check or Diaphragm Valves. See Catalog publication DC-1, Double Containment, for pricing and installation information.

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Carrierfittingsareequippedwithspecialextendercouplingsforconnectiontocarrierpipe.Simple,slip-on centralizerbracketsusedonthecarrierpipesupportthisassemblyinsidethecontainmentpipe.Thisdesignallows thecarrierfittingto“float”withinthecontainmentfitting,allowingeaseofmovementforinstallationwhile reducing problems associated with thermal expansion and contraction during operation.

Full Size Range for Virtually Any Application

Carrier x Containment Sizes 1/2x2, 3/4x3, 1x3, 1-1/2x4, 2x4, 3x6, 4x8, 6x10, 8x12, plus additional sizes on request.

PVC & CPVC Carrier/Containment Combination Configured  to Order

Select any combination of carrier and containment pipe/fittings from PVC Schedule 40, PVC Clear Schedule 40, PVC Schedule 80, and CPVC Schedule 80.

Full Service Pressure Rating

Spears® Double Containment carrier pipe and fittings are suitable for full Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pressure applications, except where limited by addition of valves, saddles and other system components with lower pressure ratings. Secondary containment rated at 10 psi unless otherwise specified.

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Easy, Slip-on Centralizer Brackets

Simple, slip-on design centralizes carrier pipe and fittings in containment pipe. Allows free movement of components and provides necessary space for routing of leak detection cables.

Quick Glue-and-Connect Closure Fittings

Special fittings designed for final closure of containment pipe features glue- wiping seal to improve distribution of solvent cement during assembly. After assembly of carrier connection, simply solvent cement pipe and closure fitting and slide assembly together. Wiping seals assures spread of cement for proper bond.

Carrier & Containment Expansion  Joints

Temperature differentials can produce significant expansion and contraction changes between carrier pipe and containment pipe. These forces can severely damage system integrity. In addition to Spears®  floating carrier design, Spears® in-line expansion joints can be used on either carrier or containment runs to compensate for expansion and contraction changes.

In-Line Valve Boxes

Spears® unique containment enclosure of Valves provides easy access while allowing for addition of valve operation extensions or mechanical actuation. Special “Tee-style” configuration easily connects to containment system, minimizes space requirements and strengthens overall system integrity.

Sensor Saddles


Easy-to-install threaded saddle tees can be easily located anywhere along containment pipe for mounting user-supplied leak detection sensors. Saddle tee forms low-point reservior for detection of any fluid in the containment system. Select either Clamp-on style (for up to 6" pipe) or Glue-on style (for up to 8" and larger pipe).

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