Vòi cho phòng Lab PVC & CPVC (SPEARS)

Vòi cho phòng Lab PVC & CPVC (SPEARS)

Spears® Lab Fixtures have no metal parts; this provides full resistance to internal or environmental corrosion. These fixtures are compatible with all laboratory service lines. Lab Fixtures are produced from PVC (gray) and CPVC (for hot water), or special Low-Extractable PVC for high purity applications, and are available in a variety of types and configurations.

§Deck Mount – base configuration for horizontal surface mounting.

§Panel Mount – base configuration for vertical surface mounting.

§Standard Gooseneck Units – select all-plastic needle valve unit (no elastomer seals) for metered flow or ball valve unit (choice of EPDM or FKM seals) for direct flow. Unit includes valve, gooseneck with serrated tip, and base with nut for mounting. Select Deck or Panel Mount style.

§Standard Turret Units – direct flow ball valve (choice of EPDM or FKM seals) with serrated tip and base with connecting nipple and nut for mounting. Select Deck or Panel Mount style.

§Remote Valve Units (No Valve) – same as standard units less valve for use with remotely located valve.

§Recirculating Units – Special design provides continuous water motion without dead-leg areas of contamination and potential bacteria build-up. Internal supply tube fully circulates water through the entire fixture when connected to circulating water supply. Unit features gooseneck with terminally mounted all-plastic needle valve and serrated tip (no elastomer seals) for metered flow. Base is Deck Mount only with inlet and outlet connecting nipples with mounting nuts.


NPT - American National Standard Tapered Pipe Thread • NPSM - American National Standard Straight Thread For Free Fitting Mechanical Joints


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