Gate Valve ASAHI AV

Gate Valve ASAHI AV

The gate valve is the most widely used ON/OFF valve for large diameter, full port applications. When the valve is fully open, it allows straight-through passage through and opening that is essentially the same size as the inside diameter of the connecting pipe. This is why there is little pressure drop through an Asahi/America gate valve. The valve operates when the hand wheel and stem screw (or electric actuator) moves a cylindrical plug, the gate, up and down at right angles to the fluid flow. Traditionally, gate valves have been used only for ON/OFF service, but because the unique Asahi/America sliding plug design provides a larger seating area than conventional gate valves, it can be used for throttling. This significantly larger seating area, which runs 360 degrees around the cylindrical plug, has also virtually eliminated the valve chatter normally associated with gate valves. Asahi/America gate valves feature a solid polypropylene plug with a non-rising stem design.

Gate Valve Asahi


ON/OFF, chemical processing, aquariums, mining, water treatment, landfills


Type P: 32-350A

1-1/4" - 14"

Type S: 50-200A

2" - 8"

End connections:

Flange End JIS, ANSI

Bodies Materials:

High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride (HI-PVC)

Gate material:

Type P (Plug): PP

Type S (Soft Seal):

32A to 150A ……HI-PVC+SBR

65A & 125A ………C-PVC+SBR

Feature of Gate Valve Type P (Plug):

High Corrosion and Impact-resistance

All wet sections are made of corrosion-resistant material, thus preventing corrosion and turbid water due to rust, The GATE VALVE, made of high impact polyvinyl chloride, can be used for water supply and drainage.

Light and Rugged Structure

Being made of synthetic resin, the ASAHI AV GATE VALVE is about 1/5 as heavy as a cast iron gate valve. However, the ASAHI AV GATE VALVE gives the same torque strength as a cast iron gate valve, so it endures high torque.

Flexibility Covering Flow Variations

The gate valve is so flexible in covering many flow variations with tight shut-off.

Easy Maintenance

The stem sealed with an O-ring, prevents external leaks and is easy to replace.

Feature of Gate Valve Type S (Soft Seal):

Reliable Water-tightness

The rubber valve seat, a soft seal type, offers reliable shut-off.

Provides Smooth Flow

Being free of cavities, the valve body has no sand or foreign matter build up in it, thus providing a smooth flow.


Thông số kỹ thuật


- Gate Valve Type P (Plug): 32A – 350A (1-1/4” – 14”)

- Gate Valve Type S (Soft Seal): 50A – 200A (2” – 8”)

Option: Rising Stem, Square Operating Nut, Chain Operation, Locking Hand

Material Body:  High Impact Polyvinyl Chloride (HI-PVC)

Material Gate: PP, HI-PVC, CPVC

Connection: Flange ANSI, JIS, Threaded


Seats:  SBR, NBR