Gauge Valve ASAHI AV

Gauge Valve ASAHI AV

Gauge Valves shall be of thermoplastic construction (PVC or PP) and have no metal to media contact. It is used to connect with sight glass pipe to measure and inspect the level of tank, vessel. Valves shall be of compact design and incorporate a double O-ring union end design to allow easy maintenance of the glass, and a drain plug to permit sampling of fluid


Chemical processing, water treatment, tank storage….


20mm – 25mm (3/4” – 1”)

Gauge Pipe Outer Size:

18mm, 26mm

Bodies Materials:


Bonnet & Gland Materials:


Diaphragm & O-ring:

EPDM, PTFE, others

Connections with pipes: Compression


v All-in-one sight glass isolation valve

v Eliminates the need for fittings and multiple valves

v No cementing required – sight glass connects and seals, using double O-rings in packing gland

v One valve closes connection to tank and opens connection to drain plug to permit fluid sampling

v Compact valve enables sight glass to be located close to tank

v Easy maintenance of sight glass


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20mm (3/4”) and 25mm (1”)

Connect to gauge pipe outer size: 18mm and 26mm

Material Body:  Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Polypropylene (PP)

Material Bonnet. Gland: UPVC, PP

Material diaphragm, O-ring: EPDM, PTFE, Others

Connection: Compression