Ống và Phụ Kiện UPVC & CPVC Asahi AV - hàng có sẵn

Ống và Phụ Kiện UPVC & CPVC Asahi AV - hàng có sẵn

Asahi AV plastic piping systems, such as valve, pipe, fitting are popular brand name. Asahi AV have developed their products which offer various advantages, through many years of experience and wealth of know-how.

Users rely entirely on Asahi AV products which feature competitive cost reliability and high quality such as resistance to corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance, temperature and UV resistance.

Asahi AV offer many kinds of material for pipes and fittings to meet customers’ diversify applications, include of UPVC (VP, VU, HI-PVC), CPVC, High Purity, FRP Reinforced Composite PVC &PP, PP, PVDF, which are used in the fields of chemicals; steel making; food & beverage; marine & offshore; water treatment; construction; water supply and sewage; semiconductors; biochemistry; pharmaceuticals; mining, etc.

UPVC Pipe & Fitting JIS K6741 (VP, VU, HI-PVC)


Water pipe and Chemical pipe


VP Pipe: 13 – 400mm

VU Pipe: 40 – 500mm


JIS K6741


-Excellent corrosion & abrasion resistance

-Excellent UV and temperature resistance

-Smooth inner for no incrustation


CPVC (HT-PVC) Pipe & Fitting JIS K6776, K6777


Being highly heat and chemical resistant and offering high heat insulation performance, CPVC (or HT-PVC) pipe and fitting are suitable for piping for water supply, air- conditioning, hot springs and chemical media.


CPVC Pipe & Fitting:

13 – 200mm (3/8” – 8”)


Pipe: JIS K6776

Fitting: JIS K6777



High Heat Resistance

Being made of C-PVC, the super pipe and fitting withstand high temperatures up to 90C. (195F)

High Chemical Resistance

Being made of C-PVC, the super pipe and fitting are highly resistant to chemicals.

Easy to Install

The super pipe and fitting are easy to install because the Socket method can be used for connecting.

Available in Various Types of Fittings

High Purity PVC (HP-PVC or Clean PVC) Pipe & Fitting Class VP JIS K6741


Ultrapure water in Semiconductor


VP Pipe: 13 – 300mm


JIS K6741


-Minimized Leachable.

-Mirror-smooth inner surfaces.

-Dead space minimized to prevent residence of liquid.

-Purified articles controlled under strict rules: degreasing and washing, forced drying with nitrogen, assembly, and packaging are carried out in a clean room.

-Easy, dependable installation and removal. Easy to maintain and clean.

-Unrivaled mechanical strength and reliability.


FRP Reinforced PVC Pipe & Fitting (Fabricated Products)


Chemical pipe and high temperature applications

With the rapid advance of chemical technologies, piping conditions at various types of plants are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Pipes are required to withstand higher temperature and highly corrosive chemicals are used more frequently. FRP Reinforce pipes are capable of service at temperature up to 95C with higher durability, safety, and reliability to satisfy diverse needs of the customers.

Size: 13 – 600mm

Standard: JIS & Requested



-Superior in chemical resistance (Ideal for plants handling acids, alkalis or halogens)

-A high level of mechanical strength (Excellent impact-resistance strength thanks to massive pressure capacity)

-Good heat resistance (May be used for long-term under high temperature conditions)

-A low coefficient of linear expansion (around half that of PVC)

-No risk of exterior corrosion or electric corrosion (perfect insulator)


-Easy to work

-SU type (maximum temperature for use: 80 deg. C) It is a reinforced composite pipe prepared by winding together a PVC pipe and joint with glass fibers impregnated with a polyester resin.

-GU type (maximum temperature of use: 95 deg. C) By adding a heat-resistant primer to reinforce the FRP layer, it may be used under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.



Thông số kỹ thuật

Materials: UPVC (VP, VU), CPVC (HT-PVC), Clean PVC (High Purity), FRP Reinforced PVC, PP

Standards: JIS