Lọc chữ Y - EY Series (SH) - hàng có sẵn

Lọc chữ Y - EY Series (SH) - hàng có sẵn


Shieyu (SH) Y-Strainer is to protect valves, sensors and pumps from pollutants. This ensures reliable operation and extended service life for your components.

The broad product range includes different O-ring materials, sizes, end connectors, and standards, suiting a large variety of applications






Chemical Process Industry

Water Treatment

Cooling processes


all parts in contact with the medium are manufactured of highly resistant thermoplastics

easy dismantling to clean or replace the screen

Protect your process line and equipment from solid particles

Low-cost strainers are suitable for chemical and water processing plants

Easy to clean—simply separate the screen from the cage; no need to remove the strainer from the line

Transparent PVC construction lets you view the condition of the screens clearly

Feature spigot ends for universal installation

Rated up to 150 psi (10Bar) at 68°F (20°C)


Double Union End (1/2 – 2”) and Socket Solvent Cement (2-1/2” – 4”)

Flange Connection (1/2 – 4”)


Thông số kỹ thuật

Body Material:UPVC



Size: DN15(1/2")~DN100(4")

Standard: JIS,ANSI,DIN