Globe valves are characterized by a partition separating the two halves of the body with a center passage that is opened and closed by a screw-down/screw-up seat mounted at right angle to the body. The “Globe” name was derived from the original spherical body design for these valves. Globe valves offer excellent flow regulating characteristics, but have a high resistance due to the turning flow path.

Spears® Globe Valves provide close throttling control throughout the entire range of operation through positive shutoff. This makes the Globe Valve an excellent choice for throttling applications where pressure drop is not critical. Valves are available in PVC and CPVC materials in larger IPS sizes of 2-1/2" through 6" with Flanged end connections.

• Excellent Throttling Characteristics

• Chemical & Corrosion Resistant PVC or CPVC Construction – No Wetted Metal Parts

• Fully Serviceable In-line with Factory Assembled Internal Repair Kit

• Buna-N, EPDM or FKM Seat & Seals

• Sizes 2-1/2" – 6" Pressure Rated to 150 psi @ 73°F

• Suitable for Vacuum Service


• Assembled with Silicone-Free, Water Soluble Lubricants

Spears Globe Valve Parts

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All thermoplastic Globe valves shall be constructed from PVC Type I, ASTM D 1784 Cell Classification 12454 or CPVC Type IV, ASTM D 1784 Cell Classification 23447. All seals shall be Buna-N, EPDM or FKM. All valves shall have a high impact polypropylene handwheel. All PVC and CPVC 2-1/2" through 6" valves shall be pressure rated to 150 psi for water at 73°F, as manufactured by Spears® Manufacturing Company.